5 Ways to Deal with Anxiety

Maheshwari Mohanji
5 min readJan 7, 2021
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With the announcement of soaring number of deaths in China at the end of 2019 and the emergence of a virus that would ‘take control’ of the world in 2020, many people, including myself were left with anxiety, uncertainty and fear. Thankfully, I have a great spiritual friend, mentor and Guru called Mohanji who I would say is my pillar of strength and really the one who kept me well, stable and grounded in a world of uncertain times!!

In this article, which is also my first article here on medium.com, I would like to share 5 ways that Mohanji taught me to deal with Anxiety.

One — The Mai-Tri Method

Mohanji has gracefully gifted the world with a beautiful technique called, the Mai-Tri Method which is a profound method of deep cleansing and harmonizing in which deep-seated subconscious blockages are removed. Mai-Tri is conducted either one on one with the practitioner, distant, or with a group of people physically or distant. You can visit mohanji.org/learn/mai-tri-method to know more about this beautiful technique.

When the coronavirus spread globally and countries had to go on a forced lock down, Mohanji had empowered all the Mai-Tri Method Practitioners to go online and offer what is called, Online Mai-Tri, this was a new and different type of Mai-tri that could be conducted online via Facebook live or Zoom and meant for anyone to join so that they could experience ease and freedom from the clutches of fear and anxiety.

As both a practitioner of the Mai-Tri Method and receiver, I can confidently say that this method has really been a source of comfort and ease for me especially when coping with anxiety due to the 2020 lockdown.

Two — Seeing the Bigger Picture

As fellow citizens of this earth it is our duty to help our fellow brothers and sisters and all beings of the earth. Mohanji taught me to be flexible and open my eyes to the bigger picture, which is to help anyone and everyone at all times, however possible. To really do this, I had to break free of limiting beliefs that I had, I had to let go of my fear of public speaking in order to go online and conduct the Online Mai-Tri Method sessions that would be beneficial for people who were going through stress, fear and anxiety.

So in this way I had to learn to break free of whatever limits I personally faced to see the bigger picture, which is to Help Others Always! Mohanji’s motto is Adding Value to the World! :) and when we aim to do this, then we also become free of anxiety and negative emotions.

Three — Appreciate the Small Stuff!

It is unfortunately human nature to focus on the bad stuff, and not often do we really take time to think about all that we have and feel genuine appreciation towards it.

Well I could say that I didn’t actually appreciate my home, my room and general settings at home. The house is small, so is my room and frankly, before the lock down, I just saw my room as a space to sleep and change my clothes… Occasionally working on my laptop, but that was about it.

In 2020, majority of the online events, programs and meetings were held in my room! YEAH. With clever camera angles and positioning of a webcam I conducted many programs and meeting with my headboard as a background. And you know what, that actually made me appreciate the space that I otherwise didn’t really think much about. An attitude of appreciation brings gratitude and gratitude is like a healing balm for negative feelings like fear and anxiety. Gratitude really helped me deal with moments of anxiety.

Mohanji says that contentment and gratitude really takes us a long way and plays a major role in the Success Factor in our lives. Listen to one of his greatly impactful podcasts here entitled, Success in Contentment.

Four — Time Management

It is ridiculous at how many people waste time on unnecessary things, procrastinating when they can really make the use of their time more efficiently and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN! Well, I was also one of those people. Until 2020 that is. The 2020 lock down make me rethink about the time I waste and how procrastinating literally means that you are wasting your life away. Wasting time — means wasting life.

Mohanji also started The Early Birds Club in early 2020 to help create a society of early risers who are productive and positively impact the world. The Early Birds Club really helped me deal with a lot of inertia and laziness and also helped me cope with time management. When we manage our time more efficiently we also become more alert and aware of our goals and dreams. This is a great way to break anxiety and fear! Visit earlybirdsclub.org to learn more and join the Early Birds Club! They have various clubs to accommodate people from different time zones and languages!

Five — Self Awareness and Acceptance

It is easy to fall prey to worldly behavior and identify ourselves with this perishable body. Especially because we grew up identifying with ourselves based on our character, name, gender, race, religion and so on. Pretty unfair huh? Well society identifies you based on a whole lot of things starting from your gender to social background and unfortunately our financial position also defines who we are… This merely causes separation and judgement between people.

Awareness of the soul within each one of us can truly change our perspective on life. Yes at the moment we are still going through this covid situation and there is still a lot of fears in the hearts of many people. A lot of people have died and a lot more live in fear of losing loved ones. Now, imagine all people on earth identifying themselves as the SOUL that occupies this body and that the SOUL always existed and will always exist. That means we do not actually die… This awareness can pull out the roots of fear and we can experience freedom within, with full awareness that we have incarnated on earth for a specific time and we will also leave at a specific time. This can also give us acceptance of life situations, death of loved ones and appreciation of the time we have on earth.

Well these are 5 ways that helped me deal with anxiety, fears and negative emotions related to the covid situation. Did you enjoy this article? Let me know in the comments below. Visit my blog on www.loveinabundance.co.za

Lots of love!



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